Ostheoarthritis 2


Target Osteoarthritis Market

The potential uses outlined above target support in conditions, trauma and injuries with very large markets and where there are limited or no adequate treatment options.

For instance in the case of Osteoarthritis, this is the most common joint disease with 12.1% of US adults showing symptoms in the knee and obesity being associated with a 3.5 fold prevalence of OA in US adults between 60-64 years of age. (Medtrack database).

The majority of treatments only address the pain associated with OA, a market worth $4.521B in 2011 and expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 3.7% over the next eight years to reach $6.061B by 2019.

Individual Hyaluronic acid products such as Synvisc (reduces pain and lubricates the damaged joint) had sales of $461m in 2011 (Medtrack database)