Mechanism of Action


ateral Pharma has been conducting an extensive program of work with various external contract research laboratories and academic collaborators to understand how LAT8881 achieves its analgesic effects in neuropathic pain (both its Mode of Action & Mechanism of Action).

Lateral is currently conducting external research projects at Evotec to identify the molecular target for LAT peptides (France & Germany), Pacific Discovery Services to characterise their biological effects in nerve slices and animal models (Australia/UK) and Metrion to investigate effects on cell lines expressing candidate ion channels (UK). Electrophysiology conclusions from research projects are:

  • LAT8881 when dosed to animals or when applied directly to spinal cord slice DRG preparations from chronic nerve constriction models has an inhibitory effect on pain signal transmission
  • LAT8881 reduced post-synaptic excitation following stimulation of dorsal root afferents within 8 minutes
    • The effect was reversible on wash out
    • GH had no effect
  • LAT8881 reduced wind-up and spontaneous activity of spinal cord dorsal horn neurons
  • Effects consistent with an ultimate effect on ion channels