Lateral Pharma Pty Ltd Is a privately-owned biotechnology company that has 2 phase IIa clinical trials underway


ateral Pharma commenced operations in May 2015 to repurpose LAT8881, a Phase 2 orally-available compound with extensive toxicology and human safety data, into new high potential indications.

LAT8881 is a 16 amino acid peptide modelled on the C-terminus segment of human growth hormone (hGH).

In non-human testing and human clinical trials with 750 patients dosed to date LAT8881 has been shown to have an excellent preclinical and clinical safety profile, with none of the side effects associated with hGH, such as raised IGF-1 levels or insulin resistance, and has no involvement with the growth hormone receptor.

LAT8881 was originally developed for obesity, based on extensive animal model data in mice, rats and pigs. Lateral Pharma has focused on repurposing LAT8881 for treatments of neuropathic pain, osteoarthritis and other chronic painful diseases. Results to date demonstrate:

  • LAT8881 has an established excellent safety profile in animals and humans, with no adverse CNS or other side effects commonly seen with established pain drugs
  • LAT8881 has a novel mechanism of action distinct from other pain drugs
  • LAT8881 has oral efficacy in several animal models of neuropathic and osteoarthiritis pain comparable to existing approved drugs
  • LAT8881 is active following local and systemic injection and oral delivery
  • Multiple back-up and follow on compounds have been identified with a similar Mode of Action

A  Phase IIa Study of the Efficacy and Safety of Oral LAT8881 in Neuropathic Pain commenced in March 2019. A Proof of Concept Study of the Efficacy and Safety of Oral LAT8881 in Acute Migraine commenced in October 2019.