About us

Lateral Pharma has discovered a new family of naturally-derived peptide motifs that are effective in multiple animal models of neuropathic pain, osteoarthritis, obesity, COPD, EMCV and severe influenza A infection. Small synthetic peptides variants from growth hormone and four other proteins interact with a novel class of target to restore normal tissue function under conditions of damage, attack and cellular stress. No significant safety issues have been identified in preclinical and human clinical studies, which is predictable from the mechanism of action Lateral has identified. These discoveries have been protected by a substantial portfolio of patent filings. .


Lateral Pharma is a privately-owned Melbourne, AU-based biotechnology company that commenced operations in May 2015, with a focus on repurposing LAT8881; a Phase II orally-available compound with extensive human safety data, into new high potential pain and respiratory indications.

We leverage off the prior owners >$50m expenditure on formal pre-clinical & clinical development of LAT8881. This enables immediate phase 2 human clinical studies of our lead compound. Lateral is also investigating the further clinical development of a portfolio of newly discovered peptide motifs and their receptor targets that act to restore normal tissue function and health in mammals under conditions of damage, attack and cellular stress.

Clinical Development

Lateral Pharma has discovered a new class of naturally-derived peptide motifs and their novel target family of receptor proteins that act to restore normal tissue function in mammals under conditions of damage and cellular stress. These small synthetic peptides, derived from growth hormone and four other mammalian proteins, are active in animal models of neuropathic pain and respiratory disease (including severe influenza A infection, SARS-CoV-2, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)).

Lateral Pharma’s clinical development program is currently focussed on Phase 1/2 studies with its lead drug, LAT8881, in the treatment of neuropathic pain, aiming to demonstrate clinical proof-of-concept within the next 12 months.

Noting the utility of LAT8881 and related peptides in animal models of respiratory disease, Lateral Pharma also intends to initiate proof-of-concept clinical trials in patients with respiratory disease who would benefit from a treatment that would restore normal tissue and cellular function, such as in patients with long-COVID or in COPD patients where their condition has been exacerbated by a respiratory infection.

Lateral Pharma also has an active preclinical screening program focussed on the identification of lower molecular weight drug candidates that can add additional value to the clinical development portfolio.